Children's wednesdays Classes@ 6pm

We are excited about our Wednesday evenings of Scripture memory, games, crafts, and activities to meet our mission: developing fully devoted followers of Christ. 

We meet on Wednesdays from 6-7pm.

See below for a list of classes . . .

what to expect when you arrive

Weekdays can be a little hectic for families. So hopefully this will help!

Parking and Entrance to Use:

We have three entrances and therefore three parking lots to our campus. Park and enter the building entrance that faces Caldwell Ln. 

Enter the double glass doors and walk down the hall.

Several folks will already be here for the Fellowship Meal that starts @ 5:30pm. You can join us or go on and check your child in beginning @ 5:55pm.

Check-In Procedures:

  • Check your child in at the door to the classroom they will go in.
  • Your child(ren) will have a tag placed on their clothes.
  • You will receive a Guardian Tag that matches your child(ren)'s tag. You MUST have the tag to pick up your child.
  • Pick up in same location, at the classroom door, @7:00pm.

What to Wear:

Dress varies from business-casual to casual on Wednesday nights. We encourage female children to wear shorts or pants (or shorts under dresses) due to the types of games and activities we play during class.  Please do not wear inappropriate clothing (shirts that have bad words or themes on them, etc). No one will be turned away based on dress.  

Questions? We're here to help! 615.298.9288 or


Our Starfish class is combined with one fantastic teacher, Rachel Eidson. 

In this class, even the littlest of children still learn Bible verses, Biblical themes, and have a ton of fun in the process!

Starfish are for children ages 2-4 (not yet in Kindergarten) and meet in Room 102.

You will also Check your Child In in Room 102.

Bumble bees

Our Bumble Bees class is for children from Kindergarten-2nd grade and meet in Room 104.

Here, we memorize a verse a week (or more if you want to!), learn more in-depth Biblical themes and stories, and have a blast doing it, too! 

Catie Pointer is the fabulous teacher and has been teaching Bumble Bees for three years.


Lions class is for our older friends.

Anyone 3rd -5th grade are welcome to join the fun!

We meet in Room 103.

Along with Scripture memorization, we will also deal with age appropriate themes, stories, and begin to really dive in deep in to God's Word.

Rachel Bequette is the teacher for the Lions.

Your kiddos will LOVE her!