Our student ministry (6th-12th grade) focuses on helping students prepare for life-change into young-adulthood by focusing on the truth of God’s Word and putting such truth in to practice.

Our goal and passion for the student ministry at Cofer's Chapel is to ensure that our students truly take ownership of their faith and that they know what they believe with full confidence. 

  • We want them to fully understand what it means to be a Christian both theologically and practically. 
  • We encourage them to ask the tough questions about life, the Bible, God, or anything else so that we can find the right answers together.

(For more information about Ignite Student Ministry or upcoming activities check us out on Facebook (@615studentministry) or contact our Student Pastor Mike Hollis.)

Our student ministry functions within the framework of our church’s mission statement.


Sundays @ 9:00 am

Our student ministry meets for Connection Group every Sunday morning in Room 302 at 9:00am. Connection Group is where the truth of God’s Word and every-day life collide.

This time for our students is dedicated to:

  • Building community with one another
  • Prayer
  • Relevant and engaging Bible study
  • Personal and practical application


Wednesdays @ 6:30pm

Ignite is our Wednesday night ministry that allows students to fill-up-the-tank spiritually through a more centralized and personal environment.

In this environment we focus on:

  • Singing praise to God through Christ-centered music.
  • Building community with one another through fellowship.
  • Praying for our church, our community, and opportunities to share our faith.
  • Walking verse by verse through individual books of the Bible.
  • Discussing biblical topics that will enhance their faith theologically and practically.
  • Allowing students to ask those tough questions that they have been wrestling with.

Currently we are in a student partnership with Cross Timbers Free Will Baptist Church. This partnership enables us to reach and serve more students through one unified, collaborated effort. For more information about this partnership, contact our Student Pastor Mike Hollis.